Friday, 14 March 2014

Sea Portrait - behind the scenes


This month has started off Spring with beautiful sunshine and mild weather. I went for a walk with my friend Faith last week to the seafront, and had a good time playing on rocks and having a late lunch in town. Despite living by the coast I rarely take photos of the sea, so I thought I'd change that a bit (since I'll be leaving this summer)! 

This first photo of Faith was a composite of nine photos in the end, and you can see how I began the rough stitching of it together here. It took me hours and hours editing, and I'm fairly inexperienced in layer masks and cloning so I found it very difficult and frustrating. It's not nearly perfect but it's really the best I can do with the limited free time I have (university work is so time-consuming!) 



As you can see, I just about managed to put it together seamlessly, and enhanced the colours in Curves, Levels, Colour Balance and Selective Colour. After about three or four hours of editing I did get quite lazy (and angry haha), particularly with cloning, but hopefully it's not TOO noticeable. 

Thanks Faith, for being my model, and here are a few other (unedited) snaps I took:

 Hope everyone has fab weekends!

L x

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