Monday, 31 March 2014

Featured Monday: Rosa Furneaux (Rosa Joy)


This week's feature is of Rosa, known mostly as 'Rosa Joy' on Flickr. She's only 22, but has traveled, studied and volunteered in many countries (England, Tanzania, South Africa, New York, California etc) and continues to go further. Hailing from my own home county in England, I have always felt a close affinity to her work and experiences. Rosa's photography is mostly documentative, but she also has experience in portraiture and conceptual work. She has been featured in numerous online publications and a couple of art galleries in England. Rosa's earlier work, such as her 52 weeks project and 100 days of summer series have been featured in other publications in the past, so I've decided to showcase her more recent work here.

Q. What inspires you?

“Big changes in my life are often catalysts for my own photographic creativity. Figuring out where to go next, falling in love, travelling. At the moment I am living in California, 5000 miles away from my home in rural England, and I shoot almost every day. An impending sense of loss ‘inspires’ too; I fly home in about four months, and my camera is one of the best ways to preserve the things I’ve found here.”

Q. Who inspires you?

“At the moment, my biggest inspirations fall somewhere between the worlds of fine art photography and photojournalism. My own work is settling somewhere in this space while I graduate, although eventually I would like to work as a photojournalist. Kate Holt, Luc Delahaye, and James Nachtwey are particular favourites. Closer to home, I’ve found great friendship in young photographers from all over the world through photography sites such a Flickr. Of these, particular inspirations are Rona Keller, Lexi Mire, Laura Zalenga, Elizabeth Gadd, and Ana Luisa Pinto. In my personal work I also take inspiration from Julianna Swaney’s beautiful illustrations, and I’ve recently become reacquainted with work by Gregory Crewdson for a darkroom project, which has been a real joy.”

Q. Do you have any advice for beginners?

“Shoot lots, shoot often, but shoot with a critical eye. Find what you like and explore it in depth. Keep an open mind, listen harder to constructive criticism than flattering internet praise, remember Google is your friend, and always quote your source. The camera doesn’t make the picture. Travel as much as you can.

You can find Rosa on FLICKR, her BLOG, her WEBSITEFACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM

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