Saturday, 8 March 2014

Post-Christmas // January 2014: Part II

Hello again!

A slightly more positive note is that without being too fastidious about it, I have tried to be healthier, in regards to diet and exercise. I know, it’s very cliché, and I’m trying not to put too much emphasis on it because I would like it to be a lifestyle change, rather than a fad. With a push from my friend Natalie, it looks like I’m going to the gym Mondays and Saturdays every week. Again, nothing strenuous as I am so unfit it’s not even funny. Kind of inspired by Youtubers Louise and Lex (told you I watched too much Youtube).

Now I know it is absolutely ridiculous to post about January in MARCH, of all times, but I need to update you on my promised film photos. Well, first off, I have never used this camera before, and rather cockily, I thought I could handle it. I was completely misguided. My first mistake was not reading the instructions! I loaded the film incorrectly, so when it came to unwinding it, I did it wrong, and opening the back (thinking it was unwound) I exposed half the film. Exasperated I left my camera for a good month before braving taking it to Boots and begging them to take care of it! The young man behind the counter was very nice and informed me, while unwinding the rest for me under the darkroom curtain, that the film had torn. I was expecting any photos I had taken to be lost. However, I did get some photos (yay) and here they are:

York Cathedral (in the rain)

 York, can't remember where

 Lincolnshire, Fens (on a train)
 Scarborough, North Sea 
Scarborough, on the way to university 

I'll try and do a better job next time! And here's to catching up... 

L x

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