Monday, 10 March 2014

Featured Monday: Katherine Hodgson

Hi, just wanted to try out a weekly feature post on some great photographers, so here's number one. Let me know what you think!

Katherine is 21 years old, a student in England and a personal friend of mine. She's got experience in a wide variety of photographic genres, from macro to landscape and bands to wildlife. In addition to winning second-place in a photo-competition for her local area, she has photographed numerous famous bands and musicians for her university, such as Alex Turner (from the Arctic Monkeys) and Tom Odell.

All images used with permission. 

Q. So...What inspires you?
"I don't think there's anything in particular that inspires me. I'm very much a fan of utilising natural light and so enjoy taking photos outside most, so I guess the sun plays a big part in inspiring me. I did a 365 Project (which I never actually got round to uploading all of) in 2011 and the winter months were the toughest for me due to lots of miserable weather and so few daylight hours. I definitely use my camera more in the summer months."

Q. Who are your favourite people?
"As far as inspiring people, to be honest, [Leigh-Anne] inspire me. The first person I followed on Flickr (who wasn't a friend) was Rosa Joy, after [Leigh-Anne] introduced me to her work, and also Rona Keller, also introduced to me by [Leigh-Anne]. I'm also a fan of Shelby Robinson and Kitty Gallannaugh. From there I became interested in self portraiture, though I didn't attempt it myself for quite a while. "

Q. Any advice for beginners?
"I would advise beginners to take a camera everywhere, be it on your phone, a compact, or a (D)SLR if you don't mind carrying about, and just take pictures. If you're unsure as to how to use an SLR, just adjust settings and see what happens. Perhaps look up the exposure triangle so you have some idea of what each thing does, but other than that, just experiment and don't be afraid of going manual."

Katherine can be found on FLICKR, TWITTER, FACEBOOK and on her BLOG.

L x

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