Monday, 17 March 2014

Featured Monday: Caterina Neri (Violaselvatica*)


Caterina, mostly known as Violaselvatica* on Flickr, is 23 years old and Italian. She is currently trying to bring her photography to a professional level, along with illustration. She specialises in macro and portraiture photography, often depicting scenes of home or nature.

All images used with permission. 

Q. What inspires you?
"My biggest inspiration is life itself. I find inspiration in nature, music, feelings, emotions, sensations. I'm fascinated by moments of unique beauty: a certain kind of light, mood...I'm grateful I can capture them with my camera."

Q. Who inspires you then?
"I'm always amazed by the great talent I see in people who create for passion. Whether It's a photograph, a painting, a music piece, I feel privileged to see such talent arise. I enjoy watching talent come to life in beautiful works of art.
Some of my favourite photographers and artists from the past truly inspire me too."

Q. What would you advise beginners?
"I think I still have to learn a lot :) the only advice I feel like giving is...if you love doing something, don't stop. Don't quit it because maybe someone thinks it's "wrong" for you. Protect your passions and your dreams, cultivate them, because your heart resides in them.
More specifically for photography: Take photos, take photos and take photos! This is the best way to understand what's your "call". What you prefer to portray, how and why. This is the most natural way to start creating a connection with your inner "photographic eye/view". "

Caterina can be found on FLICKR and INSTAGRAM

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