Friday, 31 May 2013

sea life

The other day Natalie and I went to the sea life centre and it was pretty ace. On the way there we were attacked relentlessly by these awful fly things and it was really horrible walking all the way up to North Bay and having insects go into your eyes, down your top, hitting your face.

(sooc: Natalie at the beach huts)

We arrived a lot later than we had intended and only had an hour - and then we were stopped, much to my mortification, to pose in front of a camera and pretend to be scared of a crab, so they could add in a lame layer to buy as a souvenir. Once that was over it was okay though, and we saw so many cute little baby rays, puppy-like seals, smelly penguins and a humongous, brain-damaged turtle. 

It was quite hard to take photos indoors I found, since the marine animals tended to be too quick for manual focus, but auto-focus was being awful. So in the end I switched between the two a lot and hoped for the best. End result was a lot of blurry photos!

(sooc: fish -I never remember species names)

(sooc: penguin)
(sooc: natalie in the sea tunnel)

Apparently you can have sleep overs in the sea tunnel (pictured above) where you can watch all the sharks and fish swim above your head, which I would imagine would be pretty cool and also super weird. I did love the aquariums but everything smelled of rotten fish and there was sadly a small rescued seal with a neck injury (must have been caught in a net :c) which reminded me how important local and international conservation is. 

L x

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I thought I'd start a photoblog with outtakes and additional content without cluttering up my flickr account. 

I've been considering it a while since so many other people have them and it would be cool to show more photos that don't really "fit" into my flickr photostream. 

Sew-my-life-back-together was a url that I initially laughed at, but sadly reflects how I actually feel. I'm a perfectionist, and don't always get things how I want them to be, so this blog is an outlet for that boxed in feeling. 

Anyway, enough of that, hope you enjoy 

L x
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