Sunday, 19 October 2014

Tropical World, Leeds

Last month I went to Leeds for a few days to visit my friends Natalie and John for the first time since we finished university. We went to the Trinity shopping centre and I ate the most amazing spinach and lentil veggie burger at the Handmade Burger Co. (Natalie had the chicken), and even better, they had like 8 vegetarian burger options??? I usually completely flee burger places since they rarely cater for vegetarians, but I am definitely coming back here. We also went for a walk in Roundhay Park, went to a bar/club called Carpe Diem for drinks one night and a place called Tropical World. Tropical world holds butterflies, birds, exotic plants, meerkats, a reptile room, aquariums, bats, sugar gliders and so many more. Definitely go check it out if you're in the Leeds area, it's opening a cafe soon so you might be lucky and get lunch there too!

It's very hot and humid though and my lens kept fogging up :( Also photographing butterflies was so difficult as they were so fast and I couldn't get my camera settings right - I stuck to auto in the end.

It was so much fun, I love animals and really liked the opportunity to photograph them, even if they were in enclosures/behind glass. It was good practice for next time. I only brought the /1.4 so I have some very short-focus shots, like the fish, so I'll try the standard lens and see how that holds up. I'd like to mix artistic styles with nature photography though, so this was my first experience with that. 

L x. 
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