Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Early Bird Film

Sorry for my absence, but I've just finished university and had a lot of issues to deal with this month. So yeah, I now have a degree in English language and literature, although I don't know the grade yet. Recently I had the pleasure of discovering Amamak photography and have been completely inspired. I love the combination of fashion and vintage in their work. I decided to have a go with my old Holga 135, but sadly, 3/4 of the pictures I took didn't come out. I'm still new to film, although I was able to sort out my composition a lot better than last time thanks to an old flickr thread explaining that you should aim higher than what you actually want to photograph. Which seems very wrong at first, but it appears to have worked. 

I took indoor photos, which didn't work at all, and a few others didn't turn out either. However, I managed to scan these success stories and upload them here:

(These photos have been retouched in Photoshop to match their original, more accurate colours, but otherwise are unedited)

These are my last photos from the Holga, since it's temperamental nature isn't very cost effective. Hopefully I'll be able to invest in a Polaroid instax 210 next!

What do you think? Hope you're all having lovely summers (or winter!).

L x.  

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