Monday, 14 April 2014


Natalie and I went into the woods by the cliffs and did a silly little fashion shoot which involved many more stupid outtakes than actual usable photographs! I was kind of going for fairies with eyeliner freckles but I'm not really sure how successful it was.

I've also been spending my time studying for university, with my boyfriend and friends hanging out, and of course taking photographs. It's strange because looking through my folders, spring is my least documented season. Perhaps it's because I'm always busy in March/April, or lack inspiration (winter does that to me). I mean how many photos can you really take of blossom trees?

(Garden flowers)  

(Canada Geese at the pond) 

(The cake I baked Neil for his 21st Birthday) 

(Natalie looking up at the trees) 

On reflection, this winter has been particularly turbulent for me, as I had to deal with a lot of my problems myself. I don't mean no one would help me, I have wonderfully supportive friends, but rather I was the only person who could deal with the problems. Things like sorting out relationships with people, maintaining my health, keeping up with university work and managing the household chores. Standard daily activities are hard when the days are so short and dark. But! April brings the arrival of spring, finally.

Spring and autumn are seasons of change, and spring in particular is a precursor to change in the academic calendar. All students know this. And this spring, is my final spring as a student. Being in a slump lately has seriously damaged my work ethic, but with the bright, windy days of this month, I've brightened up considerably. Although I'm not particularly religious, I've always liked Easter. It's nice to celebrate fertility and spring, rebirth, a fresh start; lambs and chicks are born, the daffodils and crocuses come out, and the days get longer, and of course, all that chocolate!

I hope you are all having a wonderful Easter and/or break (if you're still in school/college)!

L x

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